W W W . G R E N N E R . C O M                   

Here, via the Internet, we will endeavor to put in touch the families with the last name GRENNER, to start the discussions about family connections and to launch a platform for the exchange of ideas about the “GRENNER CLAN”.
In Germany there are, from a purely geographical point of view, 2 regions where most Grenners are concentrated: the region of the Sarre
 (close to the French and Luxembourg border) and East Westphalia/Lippe. Whether there is a common origin to the Grenners, remains, for the time being, to be discovered. According to information from a family member of the Sarre-Clan” of the Grenners, that part of the Grenners originally emigrated from Switzerland to the Sarre region.  In addition, a Johan Grenner exists in Sweden who informed me that his grandfather had adopted that name in the 50ies of the 20th century, as he came from a farm called “Grena Gard” and abandoned his original last name in favor of “Grenner” as there were too many Perssons, Svenssons, Nilssons etc. in Sweden anyway.   
But at least the East-Westphalian Grenner clan (Lippe) can claim to have one common origin, which is the “Grennerberg”, a farm on the hills in Extertal/Lippe. The farm and the farmland have been in the hands of the Grenner family since the beginning of the 16th century.  
For the genealogists among the Grenners I have created a little attachment under the links Ancestors and Family Relationships. The ancestor chart from 1520 to 2003 is available, although with some gaps. Since it is rather large we have not yet put it onto the Net.  
And now we can start. I am really excited and put my full address onto the Web as well, in case you would like to get in touch:


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